Optional Website Design Service: Here at Wholesale Music Warehouse USA, we offer an optional website design service. Unlike traditional website design companies, we specialize in building music instrument & music accessory e-commerce websites for music dealers. We have the product data, the product images, we handle the initial SEO. All music products are drop shipped. You do not have to stock any music gear if you choose not to. Low overhead, low investment, great opportunity! We work closely with you to create a professional e-commerce website that you will be proud to own.

Take a look at what our website development services cover:

Call (951)319-8485 for a friendly quote. We charge a “wholesale” rate for website development that is far less than other website firms. 

You may also fill out the contact form found below. We will get right back with you. Keep in mind, our website development services are optional and in addition to membership.


We include a professionally designed logo. Or you may provide a logo.
We make sure your new music gear site works on all browsers and devices.
We setup links to the most popular music gear products.
We install a search field at the top of your site.
We display any specials, promotions or free shipping options.

We build a latest news area & setup your BLOG.
We include a link to search music gear by brand.
All websites we build include a FREE SSL Certificate. (Keeps your site secure)
We make sure you have categories on each page and filtering options.
You may have up to 5 email accounts @ your domain. We set this up for you.

We build a nice Contact Us page for your site with a contact form. Messages are emailed directly to you.
We build a FAQ page. You may provide the Q & A  or we have standard Q&A we can post for you.
We provide links to your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Social media links are to be provided by the client.
We provide links to your return and exchange policies.

We take care of loading the music gear products, images & descriptions.
We add sharing buttons so customers can share links to your site.
We install a professional shopping cart.
We Make your music gear e-commerce website very responsive and test it on all devices and browsers.

We include a “related products” slider which will promote up-selling.
We install a field to change purchase quantities.
We provide initial SEO that includes a creative description that relates to the product.
We also make sure to Include optimized product titles.
We install an add-to-cart button on each product page.

We install a “Add to Wish List”  button on each product page.
We create a Videos page that has instructional videos. Example:  How to play Ukulele.
We provide a coupon code that you can give out. You set the discount.

You own your website 100% and have FULL ADMIN CONTROL. No one can shut off your site or get in the middle of your credit card processing!